Jess Viscarde | Eclectic Creative


“I love meeting new people and getting to know their story and using this to create personalised spaces”

- Jess Viscarde

Meet Jess Viscarde – the owner and interior designer behind Eclectic Creative.

Eclectic Creative are an interior design and decoration studio based in Melbourne with a focus on residential projects and creating colourful and layered spaces with personality. They pride themselves on a real down to earth approach and extremely collaborative process with both clients and trusted suppliers. 

Read our interview with Jess to learn why she decided to branch out on her own and what keeps her going.


What made you decide to start your own business? 

I had moved to Melbourne from Western Australia and recently graduated so thought it was a good idea to start a business... not knowing anyone. HAHA! No really, it actually was launched off an established blog and social following and I had been in the design industry for a while then and just felt it was time to take the leap and do something on my own. It got me out of my comfort zone and actually was a fantastic way to meet and connect with people in a new city. 


What has been the most challenging aspect so far? 

I find discussing money challenging, or rather knowing what and how to charge for the services I do... as every project and outcome is so different. I think most creatives have money blocks. I've gotten much better at it in the 6 years I've been in business and have implemented changes but it definitely is a challenge! 


What motivates you in your work each day?

I love meeting new people and getting to know their story and using this to create personalised spaces; curating keepsakes, furniture and artwork into schemes that create homes. I also love learning about new materials and products that come to the market as I am always searching for the best things to bring my clients. 


Are you an organised person or a go-with-the-flow kind of person? 

I'm a typical creative Pisces... go-with-the-flow personality, however I am extremely organised in my own way and you certainly need to be running your own business and managing multiple projects. I'm very fluid and have come to understand and realise throughout projects, things can change... or even go wrong. It's down to communication and this sense of organisation that can greatly support the project.


“Just back yourself and go for it!”

- Jess Viscarde

What’s the best part of running a small business?

I love the flexibility, and the fact that every day is different and I can set my agenda. The 9-5 "ground-hog" day was beginning to wear me down, so when things do get challenging I definitely try to remember this.


What’s something you’ve done for your business that has worked out really well (e.g. Hiring someone, outsourcing, using a particular tool, etc.)? 

Actually staying small (just me) and collaborating with other creatives depending on the project scope. For instance, I work closely with local cabinet and furniture makers on custom joinery or my drafter when designing kitchens and bathrooms. It allows me to remain close to a project and not lose creative control, whilst at the same time not having the stress of overheads or constant expenses. 


What one piece of advice would you give to other women thinking about starting their own business?

Just back yourself and go for it! I think we often forget, we only live once. Baby steps is another good little mantra I say. Just start small, even a side hustle, grow slowly and take the leap. If it doesn't work out, that's OK too, there is no such thing as failure... just a new direction!


Which women inspire you?

Women in general who manage to juggle family life with work life! I have huge respect for women with young families who manage to also run a business. Currently it's just myself, partner and my little rescue cat and I struggle!


What have you been reading or listening to lately?

I'm reading Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now. A gentle reminder of being truly present and letting go of past regrets. I like to read before bed, it helps me wind down. I also enjoy a wide mix of music that plays on my Spotify in my office. From Lana Del Ray, to The Eagles to Fleetwood Mac to Paul Simon and Tom Petty.


What did you love about working with Sophie for your photo shoot?

I've known Sophie from when she first began! I love how Sophie can instantly put you at ease but also how she manages to capture people so well in their natural surroundings. I have always used Sophie for my branding photography as she nails it every time. The shoots are always so much fun yet relaxed!

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