Kate McCready | Business Coach

If you like thinking about how to bring harmony to your work and life, then Kate McCready is your gal. Operating under her own name (for now), Kate helps people to align who they are with what they do and the lives they want to live. She’s all about empowering people to enjoy their work and make an impact on the world with what they do.

Kate shares how she runs her own business and the things that inspire her every day.

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Jessica Harvey
Nicole McDonald | January Made Design

Nicole McDonald is the face behind January Made Design. The name evokes the newness and excitement that the start of the year brings; an emotion Nicole wants to harness for her clients 365 days a year. Nicole works with those who are passionate, committed and ready to tell their business story through fresh and creative print, web and social media design. 

Here Nicole shares a glimpse into her work life, personal motivation and her best ideas.

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